Dalissa and I have found ourselves day-to-day displaying a range of emotions recently.  Even though we have know for a while , the news that we are going to be back in Thailand very soon is still very exciting for us. There are days where I catch myself playing out our arrival and the many reunions we will have with dear friends, only to be brought back to the reality of all the work that stands in between us and then. But we are all that much closer now that the Cloverdale Church of Christ has decided to share a vision with us of service and sacrifice. 

Excited is not the only emotion. More than that, we are humbled.
Humbled by the enormity of the task we are entrusted with.
Humbled by the confidence our family at Cloverdale is giving us.
Humbled by the God we are seeking to serve.
Humbled with the thought of the thousands of people in whom we hope to effect positive and eternal change. 

We can hardly wait to return to Thailand and to a people for whom we have such affection. But in the mean time we are called to wait and pray… and plan …and dream …and inspire …and wait …and pray.

…and pray.